Ken Suman

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Winona State University



Distribution Chart


Negative Binomial Randomization

Expectation Transposition for Grouped Bose-Einstein Allocation

Linear and Circular Success Runs

Waiting Time Problems and the Polya Urn Model


Poisson Randomization

Multinomial Allocation I

Multinomial Allocation II


Truncated Poisson Randomization

Distributing Distinct Objects into Distinct Urns with No Empty Urns


Shifted Poisson Randomization

Random Labeled Trees


Binomial Randomization

Grouped Fermi Dirac Allocation

Multivariate Hypergeometric Urn Model


Multivariate Bernoulli Randomization

Multidimensional Fermi-Dirac Allocation Model (Random 0-1 Matrices)

Combinatorial Problem Arising in DNA Sequence Alignment


Logarithmic Series Distribution Randomization

Random Permutations


Power Series Distribution Randomization

Generic Combinatorial Structures


Random Partition of an Integer


Random Partition of a Set


Random Noncrossing Partitions I

Random Non-Crossing Partitions II


Random Rooted Labeled Forests of Height Less than 2


Combinatorial Distribution Theory


Summer Article 2006




Functions of Order Statistics and the Principle of Inclusion-Exclusion


Linear Combinations of Uniform Variates, the Volume of a Simplex, Eulerian Numbers, and e


A New Proof of the Chung-Feller Theorem


Probleme des Menages


Probability of Support mod m



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