Mexico Travel Study ’13-14

Quick Facts

  1. BulletWho can go? YOU!
    Open to ALL students
    --in any major
      --with or without Spanish-speaking ability

  2. BulletDates: 26 Dec., 2013 - 12 Jan. 2014

  3. BulletCredits: 6 upper division from two courses:
      --Experiencing Mexican Cultures (SOCW360)
      --Mexican Social Services (SOCW361)
          (fulfills SW Diversity requirement)

  4. BulletCost: $4500-5000 * all inclusive

                (includes tuition/fees, airfare, ground

                     transportation, lodging, meals, admissions, etc.)

*The final cost of the trip is dependent upon the number of participants and the cost of airfare at time of ticketing.

  1. BulletApplication Deadline: 25 Oct., 2013

  2. BulletDeposit info: $500 by 25 Oct., 2013

  3. BulletFaculty: Arlen Carey, Ph.D.

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This travel study program provides participants with unique, experiential insights into Mexican cultures and social service systems. Given the increasing integration of cultures and societies through globalization and, given the fact that our local and regional communities are becoming increasingly diverse--with sizable concentrations of Mexican origin individuals in some areas--this program can help broaden participants' intellectual, personal, and cultural horizons and help make the participants better members of their local, regional and global communities. Participants can tailor their learning experiences to meet specific personal and professional interests.  Participants earn 6 upper-division credit hours in Social Work and fulfill their Social Work major “Diversity” requirement.