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Dr. Wood is an Assistant Professor of Media Studies at Winona State University. Her primary areas of research are transnational comics and animation, popular film genres, digital media and fandom, and feminist and queer theory. She has published articles in Women’s Studies Quarterly, The Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics, and the edited collections Over the Rainbow: Queer Children’s Literature (U Michigan Press) and Global Visual Cultures: Representation, Place, Power (Blackwell). She has two articles forthcoming in the journals Feminist Studies and Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry. Additionally, she is co-editing a book collection on Birthing the Monster of Tomorrow: Unnatural Reproductions, which is under contract with Cambria Press. She will also be co-editing a special issue of the Journal of Popular Romance Studies on “Queering Romance” in 2015.

Dr. Wood is current working on her monograph, Queering the Apocalypse: Survival Politics in Transnational Zombie Cinema, which examines how apocalyptic themes in transnational zombie films inform notions of futurity and survival in a terrifying time and place. Dr. Wood's book analyzes how visions of zombie apocalypse manifest and transgress cultural anxieties and fears about sexual and reproductive agency, racialized and gendered Others, disease pandemic, and scientific and technological advancements against the backdrop of decomposing social, national, and global landscapes. 


Look for Dr. Wood's online piece, "Body Horror at Its Best: David Cronenberg's The Brood," coming out soon as part of Cinespect's "31 Days of Horror."

Check out Dr. Wood's work on the 2012 GLBTA FILM Series II!


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Dr. Andrea Wood
Assistant Professor, Media Studies

English Department
Winona State University
175 W Mark Street
Winona, MN 55987