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Panels Organized:
2013 Disability Discourses: Bodily Selves and Embodied Deviance, Modern Language Association, Presidential Panel (Abstracts may be found here)

2013 Inter-Disciplinary.Net conference on Pain and Probing the Boundaries of Reproduction, held in Prague, Czech Republic, May 2013. Envisioned as annual meetings, these conferences invite open discussion among diverse scholars. The closing date for abstract submissions will be January 4th.

2012 Century out of Bounds: Gender, Genre and the “Broad Sweep” of History in the long 18th century, Eighteenth Century 1, College English Association

2012 Fops, Empires, and Canonical (Re)Visions, Eighteenth Century 2, College English Association

Papers Presented:
2012 “’Children of the Night’: Dracula, Degeneration and Monstrous Births at fin de siècle,” 10th Global Conference: Monsters and the Monstrous, September 10-13, 2012 

2012 “The Father of British Midwifery and the Mother of Inventions,” College English Association Annual Meeting, Richmond, VA, March 29-30, 2012

2011 State of the Journal and Special Issue Report, CMP Board meeting presentation. American Anthropological Association, Montreal, Quebec, November 16-20 2011.

2009 “Mechanical Habits and Female Machines,” College English Association Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA March 26-28 2009

2008 “‘Reducing the Sexes to a Level’: The Rhetoric of 18th-century Female Educationalists,” College English Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, March 27-29, 2008

2006 “Dickens and Duality: Re-Reading the Headstone/Wrayburn Connection,” College English Association Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, 2006

2006 “A Temporary Failure of Mind: Epilepsy and Mysteries of Udolpho,” American Comparative Literature Association Annual Conference, Princeton, NJ, 2006

2004 “Fear and Stasis: Outer Terrors and Rapidly Shrinking Interior Spaces in Bombay Time,”20th Century Literature Conference, Louisville, KY, 2004

2004 “Posthumous Marketing of a Printed Persona: The Merchandizing of Aphra Behn,” College English Association Annual Meeting, Richmond, VA, 2004


Above: The Bodleian Library. I have spent many happy hours in the Duke Humphrey's Reading Room. My most recent visit to Oxford was for the 10th annual Monsters and the Monstrous Conference, held at Mansfield College.



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