Welcome! I wonder how you got here!

I am a professor in the WSU Psychology Department, but I no longer use course1.winona.edu to post my web pages.

Because the WSU servers are state owned, there are legal restrictions on what I am allowed to say here (e.g., I cannot voice an opinion about a political candidate). Also, given that this server is maintained at public and student expense, I think there are limits to the amount of personal storage that are appropriate. Therefore, I now have my own website hosted on an off-campus server at my own expense. That site can be found easily by entering my name into any major search engine, although you may also find information on a 19th century British politician with the same first and last name. Being dead, however, he does not maintain a website. I am a psychology professor, and I am neither a painter nor a member of the British Parliament.

You might also be interested in visiting the pages for the Winona State University Psychology Department.