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That was me at an altitude of 12,000 feet when I took students to study high altitude physiology in the Himalayan Mountains of India in 2006.

We reached16,000 feet, how about that for hypoxia!  This is the data Link for Physiological Adaptation to High Altitude (Bio/OCED 427) May 7 to June 1, 2006.

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Anatomy and Physiology (Bio 212) Spring 2014

AP 212 Syllabus April 2, 2015

Final Grades for AP Bio 212 Spring 2015

It has been a great semester and you all worked very hard and have deserved a great summer!  Thanks and enjoy the summer pondering your physiology.

Cheers!   Dr Wilson

PreLab Quiz scores and with the worst two scores removed (these may have been when you missed class) Scores by ID April 24

New Notes for Lecture Unit Test #4: April 17-immunology

April 20/22      April 22/24     April 27  April 29-last notes-a bit of reproduction

Comprehensive Final Exam: 50 points review of all content from semester   

Unit test: 25 points- (see notes) immunology, digestion, and some reproduction

Practice Final Exam    Practice Exam Key -remember to use this practice test as a way to look at exam format, not as a review tool.  Look at notes, chapter summaries and chapter review questions too!

Lab Exercise Week of March 30th: Kidney, Urine and Renal Lab

Lab Exercise Week of April 6th: Anatomy of Digestive System

Lab Exercise Week of April 13th: Nutrition and Glycemic Response

(Summary Word Document: Figure and table   Summary Excel Data)

Lab Exercise Week of April 20th: Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology

Last 5 point lab pre-quiz monday

Cell Biology (Bio 308) Fall 2014

Syllabus for Fall 2014 October 29

Cell Biology Final Grades by ID Dec 11, 2014

Cell Biology Term Paper Student Peer Review Sheet

Cell Biology Term Paper Author Contact Assignment for inclusion with final draft

Cell Biology Term Paper Description

Cell Biology Term Paper Sample

Cell Biology Term  Paper Titles for 2014

CELL BIOLOGY PRACTICE FINAL EXAM- again a practice test is no a study guide, but simply a tool to let you know what the format should look like and to give you some practice in how to study old notes for a comprehensive final exam.

Cell Biology Lecture Notes Unit #4: Nov 5/Nov12   Nov 14      Nov 17/19 

Nov 21-ER     Nov 24     Dec 1to5    DNA worksheet assignment DNAKEY

Biology Lecture Notes Unit#3: Oct 8/Oct13    Oct 15 and 17         Oct 24 and 27    

Oct31/Nov3  Practice Test#3    PracticeTest#3 KEY

Practice Quiz#3     Practice Quiz #3 Key

Membrane Potential Assignment Due Wed Oct 29--Written Key     Vm Calculations key

Tips For: Finding Peer-Reviewed Papers  

Tips For: Creating your Title and Paper Summaries (examples)

Anatomy and Physiology (Bio 211) Fall 2014

Syllabus for Fall 2014 updated to Oct 29

Final Grades by ID: Dec 12, 2014

Note:Lab exams and Final Lecture tests will be available at Dr Wilson's office when you get back in January.

Cardiac Pathophysiology: Bio 427

Fall 2009 Syllabus


Signal Transduction: Bio 427

Fall 2007 Syllabus

WSU Biology students Sarah Landin and Dan Wilson created this wonderful way to relax, try it before your next exam: Relaxation Breathing Exercise

Look at my CV to see what my publications and student research outcomes

What are plant phenolics and why are they important for health?

Summary Pictures of our trip to 16,000 feet in Sikkim, India

Ted's Everest Pictures

Ted's Annapurna Mountain Pictures

Ted's Summer 2002 Trip in Mongolia


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