Nathan Moore, PhD, Professor

Physics Department, Winona State University
PhD in Physics, University of Minnesota, 2006
Office: Pasteur 148
Curriculum Vitae: in tex or pdf
ORCID: 0000-0001-8590-8349

Fall 2017

Physics 180

Physics 222

Physics 332

Dear Bosch, the unfriendly feelings are mutual. A Bosch engine coolant temperature sensor for a 1995 Volvo 940.  The label shows that it should only be handled by professionals, which is nonesense, because it just takes a single ~19mm socket to install. This is why my wagon wouldn't start in the winter of 2016

Estimated Mercury (Hg) emissions from MN coal plants before the "Mercury and Air Toxics Standards" (MATS) went into effect. Note, these standards are part of the "War on Coal." Here's a version of the argument that's written in the style of a newspaper editorial.

Cognitive Acceleration and Lawson's CTSR: People's problem-solving ability is functionally like a bicep. If you exercise it, it will grow. Two professors in England, Michael Shayer and Philip Adey, developed a series of lessons in the 1990's that develop problem-solving ability. This is not like that Lumosity nonsense. Shayer and Adey's Cognitive Acceleration curriculums are as effective and reliable as penicillin.

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has again been found in south-east Minnesota. Given that the chance of harvesting a deer with CWD is now greater than that of dying in a car crash, I think the DNR should mandate testing of every deer harvested south of Minneapolis. Here's my argument in "letter to the editor" length.

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Fall 2017 schedule in colored pencil, on graph paper