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Shoulder Girdle 


Movements and muscles of the Shoulder Girdle 

I.    To familiarize yourself with the muscles, the movements, and applications of these movements to the performance of an exercise or sport skill (read and complete 1 through 4 below)

        1. Working with a partner, perform and check all of the movements from the table below and indicate the direction of the movement by drawing an arrow.

        2. With your group and a rubber band, locate the shoulder girdle muscles on the skeleton for the movements given below.

        3. In the second column, list the muscles which contract in the performance of the movements identified in column one.   In addition, draw the muscles on the skeleton shown in column one.

        4. In the third column, describe the best couple of exercises or movement skill that incorporate the movements given in the first column and which require concentric contraction of the muscles.




Shoulder Girdle Exercises:



II.  Check lists for Analysis of Movements of the Shoulder Region: Place an X in the cell for each action the muscle causes.         

Shoulder Girdle Elev. Depr. Abd. Add.    Up. Rot.  Down Rot.
Pectoralis Minor
Serratus Anterior
Trapezius (upper)
Trapezius (mid)
Trapezius (lower)
Levator scapula