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Professional Education Sequence

first semester

When you gain admission to the Education Program, the Education Department will register you for the following courses, which may be listed under EDUC or EFRT:

  course descriptions 305: Human Development & Learning
312: Instructional Planning and Assessment
  second semeser After completing your first semester of education courses, you should take the following courses as quickly as possible, and before you take English 402: Teaching English in Middle & Secondary School:  
  course descriptions

EFRT 308: Human relations and Student Diversity
EDUC 429: Secondary Reading and Teaching Strategies
EFRT 449: Middle Level Philosophy, Organization and Interdisciplinary Planning

  third semester The semester before you student teach, take EFRT 459.    
  course descriptions EFRT 459: The Professional Educator  
  fourth semester Student teaching is a full-time occupation, and you may need to move if your placement is not in the Winona area.  
  course descriptions EDST 465: Student teaching - Senior High School &K-12 Specialty  
  Education Department     Educational Foundation, Research, & Technology  

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