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  Advising Update - November 5, 2018

I discovered some gaps in the Map, the Checklist, and the Major forms.

1. THAD 141 was missing from the Map.

2. The Checklist and Map failed to mention that you need a B or better in ENG 291.

3. None of the documents spelled out our Shakespeare requirement: at least one of your literary history courses must be a course on Shakespeare. English 423 is an ideal course substitute for future English teachers.

I have updated these materials and posted them on the website. Please download and use these materials from here on.




Advising Update - October 28, 2015

English 350: Introduction to Language Study - return to typical CAL Sequence (good news, for once;-)

English 350 will be offered in the spring of 2016.


Advising Update - April 8, 2015

English 350: Introduction to Language Study - change in CAL Sequence

According to the CAL-Sequence we have worked out, English 350 is supposed to be “spring only.”
In order to acommodate a program change in a different department, English 350 will be offered in the fall of 2015.
English 350 may be offered in the spring of 2016, but we won't know until we see enrollment for fall.

Therefore, look at the CAL-Sequence you worked up with Professor Brault and see if you need to take English 350 earlier than planned.



Advising Update - December 11, 2014

Tests Required for Licensure

MN requires four MTLE subtests for CALT 5-12:
          Secondary Pedagogy: 014
          Secondary Pedagogy: 015
          Communication Arts & Literature: 050
          Communication Arts & Literature: 051
               (I wish MTLE would add subtitles that indicated how the two tests differ.)

WI requires one additional test from Praxis II:
          English, Language, Literature and Composition: 0041 or 5041


Advising Updates - October 29, 2014

Early Clinical Experience

Students applying to the Teacher Education Unit in fall 2015 or later will be required to complete an early clinical experience of fifteen hours.  This could be completed through the following options:
             EFRT 100, or
             SPED 300 (prerequisite = 30 credits), or
             complete a comparable work or volunteer experience that involves working with children.
                  This experience must have taken place
                       after graduation from high school and
                       after registering for WSU classes.


Advising Updates - April 11, 2014

Dr. Larsen recommends that CAL majors avoid taking English 328 and English 350 in the same semester.

CAL majors need to take English 324: Projects in Writing - Projects in the Digital Age
             You must take this exact version of English 324.  No other section of 324 will meet your program requirements.  Dr. Andrea Wood will be teaching this course in the fall of 2014. This course is only offered in the fall, so plan ahead.

Advising Information
          The CALT major - organized by department
          CAL Advising Map - shows sequences, prerequisites, etc.
          Program Checklist - every course on one page
          English Course Offerings 2014 Fall
          English Courses 2014-2015


Advising Updates - October 22, 2013

English 240: Starting in spring 2015, ENG 240: Teaching Young Adult Literature will be offered only in the spring. English 240 will not be offered in the spring or fall of 2014.

New Professional Education Sequence: If you start your Education courses in the fall of 2013 or later, you will be completing the new professional education sequence (401, 461, etc.).  If your DARS says you should take the old sequence (305, 312, etc.), you need to file a Declaration of Major form in which you specify which catalog you want to use (2013-2014).  Your DARS will not be accurate until you file this form.  Go to the English Department office and ask to speak with the Office Manager (Barb Nascak).  Ask her for a Declaration of Major Form.  Complete the form and make a copy.  Give the original to Ms. Nascak and keep your own copy.


Advising Updates - September 12, 2013

English 350 will be offered both semesters this year: fall 2013 and spring 2014.  It will not be offered in the fall of 2014.  Starting in spring 2015, English 350 will be offered only in the spring.


Advising Updates – April 15, 2013

SPED 300:  Spring 2013 is the end of Goal 5 (History and Social & Behavioral Sciences) status for SPED 300.  If you have already taken it, you scored 3 credits of goal 5. 

English 240:  English 240 has been offered both semesters, but this will change.   Next year, English 240 will only be offered in the fall.

English 350:  English 350 will count for GE goal 5 (History and Social & Behavioral Sciences), retroactively, for anyone on the General Education Program.  If you have taken SPED 300, you could complete goal 5 with three courses required for CALT: CMST 282, SPED 300, and ENG 350.  This course (ENG 350) was fall only.  Next year it will be offered both semesters.  In the future, it will be spring only.  Take it next year if you can.

Math 202:  MATH 202 will count for General Education Goal 4 and Education Admissions.
This new course is designed to review for the MTLE Basic Skills Math test.


Rob Brault has designed this website for the use of Communication Arts & Literature Teaching
Majors and Minors at Winona State University.  It is for advising purposes only.  This is not an official WSU document.
The Registrar rules.

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