Sarah Phan-Budd's Home Page

A bit about me:

I am an assistant professor in the physics department at Winona State University. This fall, I am teaching Physics 221, University Physics 1 and Physics 430, Electromagnetic Theory 1. Information about these courses can be found on D2L


I currently work on the MINOS and NOvA experiments. Highlights of my work include taking a leadership role in the quality control for the construction of the NOvA near detector blocks, involvement in the MINOS electron appearance analysis, and leadership in the MINOS calibration group.

I did my doctoral work at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. There, I studied single top quark production at CDF. My analysis contributed to the 2009 CDF Single Top Discovery. I graduated in the spring of 2008. My thesis, 'Search for Single Top Quark Production with the CDF Run II Detector Using a Multivariate Likelihood Method', can be found here. After graduation, I spent the 2008-2009 academic year as a visiting assistant professor at the University of Redlands, in Redlands CA.

Highlighted Publications: