Student Assignment Website URL Submission Form

Please fill out and submit this form after your assignment website is published to the web server.
Note: you must complete and submit a separate form for each class that you are taking with me.
If you take three different classes with Professor Paulson in a semester, you will need to submit three separate forms.

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Failure to follow these instructions will result in a lower grade.

Submit your url in this format-->
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*SID= Site ID   this is any alphanumeric sequence you choose to use throughout the semester so that you can retrieve any submissions you make for this course. You can use the same SID if you are in multiple classes with Professor Paulson, and can use the same SID between semesters. Do not use your bank PIN, or WSU PIN. Realize this is not on a secure system. This is only to separate your work from someone else with the same last name.

You can submit this form multiple times, but there is a penalty for incorrect submissions.

Pat Paulson