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H. Vernon Leighton, Miscellaneous Links

Table of Contents

  1. WSU Library Task Links
  2. Winona Faculty Association Links
  3. e-Reference links
  4. Personal Interest
  5. Google
  6. Google Scholar via WSU
  7. MLA Bibliography via WSU
  8. WSU Email

WSU Library Task Links

  1. LibGuides 2.0
  3. Serialsssolutions Admin Module
  4. Sharepoint Library calendar
  5. WSU Proxy Admin Module
  6. Betterworldbooks control panel
  7. Trello
  8. EBSCOnet
  9. Emergency databases without proxy
  10. Search libguides community
  11. EMS Advanced
  12. EMS Student
  13. Ex Libris Documentation Center
  15. Choice Reviews Online
  16. GOBI from YBP
  17. Alibris: Used Books, Used Textbooks, Rare Books
  18. Books
  19. TAXES
  20. Wisconsin tax forms for libraries
  21. Minnesota tax forms for libraries
  22. Other Library Catalogs
  23. St. Mary's University, Fitzgerald Library Homepage
  24. Winona Public Library, WPL website
  25. University of Minnesota - University of Minnesota Twin Cities Catalog.

Winona Faculty Association Links

  1. All-U Committees
  2. Winona Faculty Assoc Committees
  3. WFA Sharepoint committee reports
  4. IFO State-level Committees openings for Winona
  5. WFA Senate and Meet and Confer Minutes

E-Reference Favorites

  1. National Weather Service
  2. Atlas of Minnesota Online Edition
  3. Buros Mental Measurements Search: The purpose of this website is to let you purchase copies of reviews online. However, you can search and get the volume the review is in, and then consult the paper volumes in the library.
  4. Historical Weather Data, Minnesota: get NOAA climatological data for any weather station in Minnesota from 1850 to the present.
  5. Internet Crossroads in the Social Sciences: a directory of links to online dataset repositories, from the University of Wisconsin.
  6. ICPSR: the major University consortium for collecting social science data sets.
    As of July 2004, WSU is no longer a member of ICPSR, so WSU patrons cannot get access to most of the data sets. However, you can search the catalog of what is available, and there are several hundred data sets are freely available to the public for download.
  7. SDA: Online data and analysis from SDA, Survey Documentation and Analysis, UC Berkeley. Especially good: The General Social Survey.

Vernon Leighton Personal

  1. Blank
  2. Krugman's columns in the NYT
  3. The Game of Go (Wei chi, Baduk, Ba-dook)
    On the Internet Go Service, my handle is vernon there, too.
  4. Records of Go games I have played.
  5. NOTE: These games are in Smart Go Format, but because my website blocks files with the extension .sgf, I had to change the extension to .txt. To read these files in an SGF editor, you will have to alter the extension back to .sgf.